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How to Select Your Carpets

How to Select Persian Rugs for Your Home

Most people purchasing Persian rugs are not buying rugs as an antique, but simply are interested in choosing a beautiful rug and getting good value for their money. At Oasis Carpets we sell the highest quality rugs at a much lower price than can be found in the States and around the world.

It is important to understand the factors that affect the cost of a Persian rug:

Natural or synthetic fibers
Method of production handmade or machine woven
Intricacy and rarity of design
Region of origin

Wool is the most expensive fabric, but it is warm, durable, dirt-resistant, fire-resistant, and easy to clean, and has become the standard by which all rugs are judged. Other natural materials used in oriental rugs are cotton and silk, and blends of wool and silk. These materials are more durable than synthetics and never release chemical gases into the air, which is significant to people with health concerns. If you are looking for a less expensive rug, synthetic fibers rather than natural are the answer.

Knots per square inch is a good indication of the quality and value of a fine carpet, the higher the number the better the rug. For example, a good quality Isfahan can contain as many as 500 knots per square inch (1,000 when considered as double-knotted - all Isfahan, as are most Persian carpets, are double-knotted).

Today there is also great concern that wall-to-wall carpeting is filling a significant portion of all garbage dumps, whereas a Persian or Oriental rug typically becomes an heirloom and is rarely thrown away.

How to Decorate Your Home with Persian Carpets

To decorate with oriental rugs, it is important to take both color and design into consideration. The color should be harmonious with the other colors in the room in which the rug is to be placed and should repeat the dominant or accent colors, or include shades of one or more of them. If the colors are compatible with other colors in the room, even a modern home can be enhanced by the popular traditional designs in oriental rugs.

When choosing an appropriate design, consider how you are going to use the rug. If the center of the rug is going to be very visible, a medallion or central motif or scene is a happy choice. If, however, the center of the rug is going to be under a dining room table or under a bed, it would be better to chose one with a repetitive design or one where the most detail and interest is in the borders.

As well, very colorful rugs with very busy designs can bring a subdued room to life; simple designs and a limited color palette are better in a room that is already colorful and busy. Geometric designs work best in new or modern homes, and curvilinear designs are more appropriate for old and traditional homes. It is most important that the rug does not clash, in either color or pattern, with any other fabric in the room in which it is to be used.

So you are interested in buying Persian and Oriental area rugs for your home, but are not sure what to look for, we at Oasis Carpets will help you choose the rug that is right for you. Our experience and devotion to customer service and customer satisfaction is unsurpassed in Bahrain; at our store we will personally demonstrate all the carpets necessary for you to decide which ones you want to purchase in a relaxed, non pressure environment. Come join the Oasis Carpets family of customers; remember, you are not just buying a rug, but purchasing peace of mind with our extensive knowledge and extremely reasonable prices.

Sample Our Selection of Persian Rugs - Complete with Certificates of Authenticity

To avoid rugs that might be sold illegally as Persian, be sure to obtain a Certificate of Authenticity; Oasis Carpets will provide one with your purchase. This will validate the origin, style, materials, size, age, condition, knots per square inch, and estimated retail value for Insurance purposes.