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Nain Rugs

Nain Rugs - The Synonym for "Fine"

Among the finest carpets in the world, the word nain is sometimes used in Iran as a synonym for 'fine'. These elegant carpets are produced in and around the city of Nain; a favorite of many collectors, Nains are precise, delicate and can be stunningly beautiful. Excellent grades of wool and silk are used on foundations of fine cotton. Typical details include the curvilinear vines with forked leaves, Shah Abbas flowers, birds and animals, and regal borders.

Come Sample Our Selection of Nain Rugs

Although Nain is not a very old rug-weaving city, it is well established and among the most valued carpet-producing centers in Iran. It has adopted most of its skills from the very ancient, neighboring city of Isfahan. Customs and traditions here have changed very little in the past century. Nain's talented master weavers may take several years to complete a single carpet. Though very similar in appearance to Isfahans, they are easily identifiable because of their distinctive color scheme and smooth, closely clipped pile. Nain are all signed (Habibian is the most reputable family in Nain).

Nain carpets are available in three levels of quality (based upon knots per square inch, double knotted - the higher the number the higher the quality):


600 knots per square inch


800 knots per square inch


1,000 knots per square inch

Below is a small sample of the Nain rugs that we sell; click on a rug for a larger image.

Sizes Available

2.5' x 4'

3' x 5'

4' x 6'

5' x 8'

7' x 10'

8' x 11'

10' x 13'


Nain Medallion

Nain Medallion

Nain Garden

Nain Medallion

Nain Medallion

Nain Medallion

Nain Medallion

Nain Garden

Nain Medallion
Nain Medallion

Nain Open Design

Nain Medallion
Nain Medallion

Nain Medallion