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Pakistani Carpets

Pakistani - Known for Its Geometric Designs

Pakistani carpets have been woven in the region between Mughalistan in India and Safavids in Iran since the 16th century. This area is well known for its unique wool. This wool is extremely soft, strong and durable, ideal for the weaving of the traditional geometric designs for which Pakistani carpets are famous. The ancient city of Lahore is the center of carpet production and sales.

Come Sample Our Selection of Pakistani Carpets

At the present time, Pakistan produces handmade rugs mainly for exportation. It is the fourth largest exporter of rugs in the world.

Below is a small sample of the Paskistani rugs in our store; click on a rug for a larger image.

Sizes Available

2' x 3'

2.5' x 4'

3' x 5'

4' x 6'

5' x 8'

6' x 9'

8' x 10'

9' x 12'

10' x 13'